The Oasis, Middle Eastern Dance   Information Centre

Oasis, n.;  a fertile place in the desert, due to the presence of water:  often used figuratively

Guild, n.; any association for mutual aid and the promotion of common interests

              ; a union of people in the same craft or trade to uphold standards and  protect the 



Phone:  (The Oasis, M.E.D.G.)    519-681-1646     E-mail:


THE OASIS, Middle Eastern Dance Guild is dedicated to the study, enjoyment and promotion of Middle Eastern (Belly) Dance.


  • To provide a source of MEDance information for dancers and the General Public

  • To encourage a professional and artistic standard in the promotion and performance of the dance

  • To promote a positive acceptance of the varied aspects of Middle Eastern Dance (a.k.a.: Raks Sharqi, Belly Dancing) through public education on the history and traditions of the dance

Our Logo:  The palm trees for a desert Oasis and an ancient symbol (crescent moon and star) for the Goddess, Ishtar. There is a power in our dance and because of it's ancient history, we felt we needed a powerful female figure. We choose Ishtar.

:-), so take a break from you hectic life and come to the Oasis and explore the Goddess within you

Our 'territory': (map distances indicated are arbitrary & are a representation only for example)

The inner line represent an area approximately  1-1/2 hours from London. If you are in this area, this is our most effective communications and accessible area. With London as the hub , day trips for shopping, classes , shows, workshops, etc. are easily done.

The outer line represents the borders of what we can logistically cover for day trips [2-3 hours]. From London , you can venture to Toronto, Windsor, Detroit on a long day trip. Buffalo and north and east in Ontario [3-4+ hours] are pushing the limits for a comfortable day trip. Overnights and events like two-day workshops are more feasible.

We have contacts beyond 'our borders' so don't limit participation if you are beyond 'our lines'. THE OASIS offers multi-level participation with a variety of options to suit almost any dance enthusiast needs. You can help us meet our Mandate through communication and be part of the process through participation. 

Help boost MEDance in London and surrounding territory by sharing your dance information with THE OASIS. Don't be an 'orphan' dancer. Belong to a groupů.come to THE OASIS.

Welcome to The Oasis website, a source of Middle Eastern Dance information for London, ON and surrounding area.

The Information Centre is a part of a multi-media communications network that consists of print, electronic and land-line media.

The Oasis, the Guild's Newsletter is currently published bi-monthly.

The Oasis Website and e-mail address is an online link to

MEDance information.

The Oasis Phone line is a land-based MEDance contact for people looking for information on classes, costume venders and shows in the area.

The Dance Guild itself provides social, educational and entertainment functions from casual get-togethers over coffee for dance talk to full  production MEDance shows.

You can join the Guild and become a Guild Associate or choose to subscribe to one or more of the Guild's services.  Go to the

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